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When we moved to Victorville, we had a typical, unusable, rock/dirt lawn. The back yard was hard packed dirt from the dog who had lived here previously. Nothing grew except for a few thorny weeds. You couldn’t walk outside without tracking in burrs on the bottom of your shoes and socks. The front yard was tolerable. At least it was made up of rocks! We decided to turf the entire back yard so the kids could at least play whenever they wanted. We went with EASYTURF. I have no “major” complaints with the back lawn. In fact, I love the look and feel and no maintenance.

But there was a minor repair that needed to be finished and it took forever for a response and service. And the price, though expected, was pretty high. But then I found Matt!!!! I met Matt who invited me out to his office so we could discuss turf options for the front yard. He not only had a great selection, but an unbeatable price!!!!!!!!!! He had his private contractor come out and install the lawn after buying it direct from his inventory. For the same square footage, it was 40% cheaper to go with Matt than EASYTURF so of course I did. My front lawn is the show-piece of the neighborhood. I have had the mailman, garbage man, police officers and various neighbors remark on the lawn and ask me how to get one installed for their lawns. I’ve given out Matt’s number more times than I can remember.

Turfing the yards was definitely the best investment we could have made for our house, and going with Matt was not only convenient, but the price versus other companies is unbeatable. We love our lawn.

Thanks Matt.

Eric and Tracy Brumskill
May 2015


We are very pleased with our go green installation. Matthew was very pleasant and informative. The delivery was prompt and easy to schedule. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for lawn alternatives.

Anthony Giles
July 2015


For more than 10 years we have had pea gravel in our back yard. We purchased our new lawn from Matt at a great price, and are amazed at the transformation. Matt is professional in every way. Our order arrived quickly, and 3 days later we had our beautiful lawn installed. We would definitely recommend using Matt for your new lawn.

Kathy and Erik Sondergaard
October 2015